Comments From Our Community

At Norris Place Chiropractic you are more than a patient. These testimonials from our community speak to our mission to serve a chiropractic experience that allows for a greater expression of life.

  • The hours make a lot of sense for me, I can get there without disrupting my day.
    - D.D., Thorold
  • Because chiropractic care is so important to our family's health, when we moved to St. Catharines we took the time to look for the best fit. Very quickly it became obvious that this was the perfect choice for us. We are grateful for the 10+ years of wonderful care that we have received.
    - L.M., St. Catharines
  • It is so comforting to engage in a conversation with a new health care provider who is genuinely interested in your health and welfare and takes the time to listen to where you’re hurting and what may be the cause. Hafiz not only does that, but further explains what’s happening in your anatomy and how his chiropractic adjustments can assist the body to repair itself.
    - J. B.
  • I was very impressed with Dr. Hafiz during my visit to your office this week. Over the years I have developed a strong trust with Dr. C and his expertise and caring nature with my chiropractic well-being. I was hesitant at first seeing Dr. Hafiz for fear of the unknown. But now if Dr. C isn't present, or unavailable to treat me, I trust and thank Dr. Hafiz for his time and care of my chiropractic needs.
    - D.R., St. Catharines

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