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Living a chiropractic lifestyle means taking control of your life through being responsible for your health and how your mind and body feel.

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At Norris Place Chiropractic, we believe that the journey towards fulfilling your potential in this life starts with accepting one of the tenets at the foundation of our practice:

Within each of us resides a self-healing, self-regulating intelligence that, without interference, is all you need in achieving a state of optimal health and well-being.

The message we have for our patients is simple.

We believe that health comes from within and ultimately your health – and that of your children – is born out of your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Your health will reach its best when, like your life, you take responsibility for it.

For many of us, our current health is the product of years of accumulated lifestyle-related factors, both good and bad. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other states of non-health are increasingly being considered to be related to basic lifestyle factors.

Living a chiropractic lifestyle means you are conscious of these factors and how they impact your health.

You take control of, and are responsible for how you feel, think and act. You are curious, you are informed, you are open-minded. You listen to your body and the feedback it gives you, both positive and not. And you do more of what makes you healthier and less of that which depletes your life-energy.

The chiropractic lifestyle is for your whole life.

We believe we have a responsibility to our children to start them on a path of consciousness about how their body works and responds to life. As parents, we introduce our children to the concepts that we believe will help them live healthily. As they grow, they take this information and integrate it as their own.

The chiropractic lifestyle can – and we believe should – start at this early age. 

As small children grow into teenagers their bodies are growing at rapid rates. They experience jars and stress from their physical activity and the environmental influences around them. And their body reacts. Chiropractic helps balance their spinal and nervous systems, setting everything back to it's natural state, so that kids can navigate these stresses and continue to be healthy.

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As adults, we experience more of the same, plus different types of stresses – from work, from parenting, from the emotions of having to look after ourselves and our families, from not having enough time or energy to eat well or exercise thoroughly. It all adds up. And chiropractic can help.

Moving into our later years, the process of aging, in itself, adds more and different stresses on our minds and bodies. Chiropractic can continue to help, with issues such as mobility, by keeping our neurological system open and flowing properly.

Many studies allude to how effective ongoing chiropractic care is in maximizing quality of life over a wide range of ages. Often, elderly people who have received lifelong chiropractic care are less likely to be hospitalized, are more likely to report better levels of health, are more mobile and flexible, are less likely to use prescription drugs and are more likely to be actively involved in their communities.

We believe that living a chiropractic lifestyle is a key to living well... and aging gracefully.

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